Lakes Regional Healthcare


Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Technology Engineering


Bluestone Engineering was hired as the MEPT consultant on a major $21,000,000 renovation and addition for Lakes Regional Healthcare in Spirit Lake, Iowa. The project included a new Surgery suite complete with four (4) Operating Rooms and an Endoscopy Room. A new Obstetrics suite and Critical Care unit was also added as well as a new front entrance lobby. The project also included remodeling in areas.

The MEPT scope included a major expansion to the hospital’s physical plant. This addition included a new central chilled water plant, consolidation of the existing heating water distribution, a new 480V electrical service, and a new back-up generator and associated transfer switches. The existing Automated Logic building automation system was upgraded.

The project was phased to allow operations to continue in the existing hospital with minimum interruptions. This required extensive coordination between the construction manager, architect, and facilities operations staff.

Bluestone Engineering also helped obtain significant rebates from the local utility company by incorporating energy efficient equipment and systems into the final design.

Square Feet

Square Feet: 33,000
Budget: $7,700,000

Lakes Regional Healthcare

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