Engineering with a human touch.

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About Us

Bluestone Engineering was born in 2004 out of a desire to offer clients mechanical and electrical engineering expertise mixed with a more human approach. We believe that making personal connections with our clients yield more productive relationships which lead to better overall results. Today, our services include HVAC, Piping/Plumbing, Electrical engineering as well as Technology design (network infrastructure, audio/visual systems, and security systems). We also provide facility assessments.

Our team consists of engineering professionals that share a singular vision and focus. Our engineers are not only technically competent, but also recognize that the needs of our clients and their projects come first. We approach each opportunity with a fresh set of eyes while remembering lessons learned from past designs. We are passionate about making sure the entire team understands what is being recommended, why it is beneficial, and how it is the right solution for the project. Our ability to effectively communicate our designs creates clarity and helps drive our projects forward without the typical "engineering ambiguity".

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We love what we do and it shows in every project we touch. It drives how we interact with our clients and partners. It is evident in the attention to detail we put into every project and every design, big or small. And it is apparent in the passion we bring to finding solutions to our client’s mechanical and electrical engineering needs.

Knowledgeable. Flexible. Personable.

Engineering with a Human Touch.