Corporate Office Renovation


Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Technology Engineering


The project scope included a full renovation of the interior spaces, a repurpose of the original portion of the building into a conference center, a new employee entrance that included the addition of ~20,000 square feet of office space, and a refresh of the cafeteria, including a complete replacement of the existing kitchen area.  One of the challenges for this project was to phase the work in a manner that allowed operations to continue in the building.  The team settled on a 4-phase approach and utilized off-site swing space to manage restacking of associate workstations as the building was renovated.


  • Complete replacement of the building’s HVAC system with new chilled water/hot water VAV system.
  • Extensive upgrades to the building automation system.
  • Complete replacement of the branch electrical distribution system.
  • New lighting system with a programmable lighting control system and daylight harvesting.
  • Integration of lighting controls and A/V controls in the conference center.
  • Complete replacement of the network and CATV infrastructure.
  • New access control and CCTV system.

Square Feet

Square Feet: 240,000
Budget: $15,000,000

Corporate Office Renovation

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