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Berkley Technology Services (BTS) expanded operations into the Des Moines area in 2011, purchasing an existing 2-story building.  Bluestone Engineering was selected as the MEP/T engineer for this project.

The project included the complete renovation of the 90,000 SF facility into an open plan office space.  One of the main challenges for Bluestone was to develop a method to serve modular workstations in the space without using power poles.  Bluestone devised a system that utilized pre-existing floor ducts supplemented by new in-floor raceway to develop a cabling pathway that was flexible enough to accommodate a variety of furniture configurations while providing adequate capacity for the high density of network and telephony outlets required by BTS.

Another challenge was accommodating the higher density occupant count with the existing HVAC system.  Bluestone’s mechanical engineers devised a plan that included significant rezoning of the existing air handling equipment to accommodate the higher staff density.

Other project highlights include:

  • New direct/indirect open office lighting system
  • Networked lighting controls with daylight harvesting and occupancy controls
  • Complete replacement of network and CATV infrastructure
  • New A/V system in the dining space and training rooms
  • Re-commissioning of the existing generator and UPS system

Square Feet

Square Feet: 240,000
Budget: $15,000,000

Berkley Technology Services

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